viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

El primero de Spread your Love

Love is real.

I don’t know what else to say
Besides that I want to live this way.
I need to tell everyone how I feel
I know for some will be hard to believe.

Days ago, somebody told me
“Love doesn’t work”,
That I only needed to see,
What’s up around the world.

I confess that day I felt
So confused, very sad.
It kind of made me angry.
I wanted to go mad!

Late that night I just realized
That I can do a little more.
And as a Joke of destiny
I’ve met Keveen’s korakor

Now I know I’m not that crazy,
It’s just real life that makes us lazy.
And it doesn’t cost so much
To give your heart and let love rush.

My native language is not english
And I’m struggling to rhyme.
Cause I’m a bit of a crazy poet
And I know this is not sublime.

I’m starting now to spread my love
And I know it comes from up above.
I’d love if you could do the same
To save your love it’s just a shame.

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  1. how come i had never read this one?! it's awesome, lilo!


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